Albania: Europe’s Cannabis Capital

Cannabis is illegal in Albania, and all sorts of cannabis-related tasks, including possession, cultivation, transportation, and product sales, are forbidden. Nonetheless, despite its unlawful status, cannabis is nevertheless commonly developed here. In reality, Albania is really a major marijuana-growing country and it has also increased up the ranks to be called Europe’s biggest producer that is outdoor of cannabis.

Police force

Despite Albania’s anti-cannabis rules, police enforcement is very lacking. Police don’t look for cannabis smokers and tiny bribes can set caught offenders free.

The possession of the quantity that is small of for individual usage just isn’t punishable. Nevertheless, to get more severe offenses, the charges could be serious. The sale, distribution, control, and creation of cannabis – in amounts the court deems too large to be for individual use – could secure offenders between five and 10 years in prison. For trafficking, offenders can invest seven to 15 years in prison, or maybe more if a web link to organized crime is made. Continue reading