In 2007, before Ahn Jae-sung travelled to Uzbekistan from Seoul to fulfill their possible future spouse, he had written a letter that is lengthy.

A nonsmoker and teetotaler among the things he wrote down were his age, monthly-income, job and that he’s. It absolutely was their CV for the marriage market that is international.

“I also had it translated into Uzbek,” the 55-year-old told The Korea Herald. “I asked my broker to offer it to ladies who had been interested. Later on we found down that my partner, who we just finished up coping with for 3 months, never browse the page at all.”

The broker additionally lied to both Ahn and also the spouse, whom had been 28 years their junior, saying her a house, and she was from a well-off family that he would buy. He’d no such cash, while the spouse had try to escape from the broken home whenever she ended up being 10.

Their relationship finished defectively. Their spouse asked him to help her get back to Uzbekistan if he had been perhaps not ready to purchase her a home in Korea. Continue reading