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Gamer Interrupted: Simple tips to turn your wife into a gamer

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Every week, Robin Torres contributes Gamer Interrupted, a line about balancing life that is real MMOs.

We seek to please. Therefore, by popular need, this week’s line is all about getting the spouse or girlfriend that is live-in enjoy playing MMOs to you. These suggestions will just connect with ladies who are non-gamers. Switching your WoW-playing spouse into an EVE on line player takes a strategy that is completely different. And getting dudes to play game titles has historically been a less strenuous task. Additionally, this is certainly directed toward those who find themselves sharing exactly the same living area and costs before you meet Ms. Right because you may not want to be spending a grand or more on outfitting the girl who turns out to be the one.

The Preparation stage step one in switching your lady into the video video video gaming partner is always to think about some preparatory concerns. Continue reading