Anyone can design a basic poster but for your poster to really work you need to follow these simple guidelines;Uncle Sam Poster

  • Clear layout – The information on your poster should be separated into sections and organised logically so that the information flows across the page in either rows or columns. Bullet points are a great way of organising the information. A good technique to perfect your layout is to cut out each section on pieces of paper and try re-arranging them until it becomes visually pleasing. This process may also help you filter out any information that may not be necessary on the poster.  Try to leave plenty of “White Space” between your sections to make the layout easy on the eyes.
  • Information – The job of the poster is to attract passers-by to read it. It doesn’t need to tell them everything, too much information could have the reader bored before they get to the crucial information, it just needs to give enough to get them interested enough to make contact. Include basic class information such as venue and times etc. and don’t forget to include your contact details. If you have a website then include the address so that if they are interested they can go there to get more information.
  • Font – Pick a simple font that is easy on the eye. Try to avoid comic style fonts or italics as they are harder for the brain to process. Also avoid using Capitals as these are harder to read. Use a font such as Times New Roman or Arial in mixed case with bold formatting. Think about the size you use too. An effective poster should be able to be read from around 5-6 meters away so the font needs to be big enough for that but not too big so that you can’t fit much information on. Try to make the headings and sub heading larger than the body text to differentiate them.
  • Colour – Keep your colour scheme simple with only 2-3 colours involved. When it comes to colour on posters; less really is more. A rainbow palette will be hard on your reader’s eyes and will turn them away from it. Try to pick colours that complement each other. A dark colour for text on a lighter background colour is best.
  • Visuals – A good picture or photograph will be what draws the eye of passers-by to your poster and can be the image that they take away in their mind. Try to pick a picture that is relevant for your club and is good quality. A pixelated photograph or clipart will look terrible on a poster so if taking your own photographs try to use a quality digital camera and tidy up the picture using software like Photoshop or Gimp. One or two pictures are all that you need. Too many pictures will clutter the poster and cloud the message. I suggest a photograph of the instructor and/or a picture of the association insignia is all you need.

One you have your wonderful poster created it is time to print it out. If you have a quality printer at home then you can print your own posters. If you don’t have a printer then it may be time to invest in one as it will come in handy with a lot of the admin documents that you need for your club. Printers are fairly inexpensive these days and you can get a decent printer for this from Amazon or PC World for under £100. You are going to need colour ink cartridges too. These can be quite dear but if you get non-branded or Tescos own versions then it can be considerably cheaper. It also pays to get some quality paper for your posters. Again this can be found at Tescos or Amazon or Staples.

You don’t need to do this but I laminate some of my posters to allow them to be put up outside. You can get laminators and laminator sheets from Amazon and they do give a professional look to your posters. The laminator also comes in handy for other club related documents that I want to protect.

Another option I have used is to outsource the printing. If you search on Ebay for poster printers there are lots of people offering a print service for various prices. Professional printers also now offer poster printing services such as where you can upload your poster image and get posters printed in various quantities and sizes.

One thought on “How to Create the perfect Martial Arts Club poster to bring them flocking in.

  1. Very useful indeed. Thanks for this. I have a martial arts club around kingston, wimbledon and new malden area which run self defence classes for women, karate, kung fu and kick boxing. As well as all four combined and one to one classes. I have put together some posters based on the information and seem to have drawn in many students from all walks of life. Thanks again for the post.

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